“Before and After”

In a service, during worship, God told me, “I want to heal people before and after.” 

Immediately God gave me a word of knowledge.  He said, “There are people who don’t like to stand up because they are in too much pain.” I spoke out the word God gave me and then three people stood up to their feet and said that it was them. 

Melissa, one of the women who stood up, had pain in her feet.  She sat back down in her chair as I prayed for her.  I took her hand and we began to walk together. With a big smile on her face she said, “My feet don’t hurt. Not even a little!”  She had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to work anymore. But now she’s healed and has peace about her job. 

The other two people who stood up for healing also revived from God! One women was healed from back pain and a man was healed from pain in his legs. 

There is an eight-year-old girl who comes to every House of Refuge service named Maria. She attends my English and ballet classes. This Friday I was praying for her, and God told me that she wanted to speak in tongues but she didn’t know how. I started to explain to her the power of the Holy Spirit, and when I asked her if she wanted to receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, excitement filled her eyes.  She said, “Yes!”  Little Maria spoke in tongues for the first time and I can already see a big change in her. 

People who do missions are a blessing.  This includes long term and short term missionaries.  However, I have discovered that there is something special about being able to stick around and see the “before” and “after” in people’s lives and in their walks with God. 

An example can be found in this young girl who I have been working with for awhile. When our friendship first started God gave me opportunities to minister to her and not only be her friend but also her mentor. Here is something that she wrote herself:  The first time Mikayla came to live in Guatemala it completely changed my life, and it really amazed me to see how God uses her. When she finishes preaching nobody in that place leaves the same. She is like my spiritual mother. She guides me, encourages me, and she takes care of me. I learn from her just by watching her do miracles and cast out demons. She has fire and she is always strong. She has taught me to not be afraid of anything.

When I see the growth in this young girl it amazes me.  It is wonderful to see how God can use one person to change another person’s life.

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