Honduras 2019 with “Go Project World”

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to go to Honduras with another ministry that is called “Go Project World” I gave many updates during my trip but here are some heart touching testimonies that I feel like need to be shared.

One of the first days of the trip the team built houses for two families that were in need. The families did not ONLY receive a new house that day, but they both received a miracle from heaven.

The first house was a family with five children and one baby on the way. The mother suffered from sharp pain in her ribs. We were all standing in her new house that we just built and God completely healed her body.

In the second house the father specifically asked me to pray for his wife, and as I did God was setting her free from fear and worry. That family received a new house that will always be filled with the peace of God.

When we went to the hospital in Tegucigalpa God had people there that needed us to give them hope. They were waiting for someone to encourage them and remind them that they are not alone. Going to the hospital is never easy, it’s a very sad experience, but every time God uses us to reach out to the people who feel like their situation is impossible. We went into a section of the hospital that is for women with cancer. As we prayed with every woman we declared healing over there bodies. Many people were touched by God, and you could feel a difference in the atmosphere when it was time for us to leave.

Before I went to Honduras God said to me, “Almost anyone can go to Honduras and do natural things. They can give away food, play with the children and build houses for people. That’s great, but that’s all natural.” Then God said, “I did not call this group to go and do the natural I called them to do the supernatural.”

This was a great word for the team that went but it’s also a word we can apply to our lives everyday.

I believe in many ways, Honduras did not experience something natural on that trip but something supernatural, and it touched many hearts.

In Honduras I met many great people, I translated a lot, I had the privilege to serve, I saw God move powerfully not only in the Hondurans but also in the team of young people that went , and all of the glory from that week goes to God!

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